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DsPIC Block/Master

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Master Block

The Master block set important dsPIC options like PLL, Quartz used, and share theses parameters with others blocks from the blockset.

Dialog Box Parameters

The dialog box parameters differs depending on which microcontroller is used. Unexpected close of the dialog box and few errors when re-opening it may appears when selecting a different chip. This has no consequence.

The principal change concern the Real Time Quartz tab. see Instruction Cycle Frequency

Master Block Dialog for the 30f3012 chip, General Tab
Master Block Dialog for the 30f3012 chip, Quartz Tab

Step Based on

  • Tmer1 : The model time step is set using the Timer1 automatically configured (Prescaler and PR1).
  • ADC : The ADC conversion time can be used only when the ADC block is set to produce two or more sample per channel. The conversion time is 'augmented' so as to have reach the model time step at the end of all conversion needed in 1 time step.
  • Free Run : The model execute at its maximum speed. The Time step is not constant since the calculation time may changed slightly between time step. The simulink model time step is not taken into acount.


Specify the Microchip microcontroller target.

59 Supported devices :

See Release Notes and known bug for details

PIC 24F ' PIC 32F** ' PIC 30F ' PIC 30F ' PIC 33FJ GP ' PIC 33FJ MC ' PIC 33FJ GP ' PIC 33FJ MC*
24fJ128GA006 32MX360F256L 30f2010 30f5011 33fJ128GP206 33fJ256MC510 33fj128GP202 33fj128MC202
24fJ128GA008 32MX360F512L 30f2011 30f5013 33fJ128GP306 33fJ256MC710 33fj128GP204 33fj128MC204
24fJ128GA010 32MX460F256L 30f2012 30f5015 33fJ128GP310 33fJ64MC506 33fj128GP802 33fj128MC802
24fJ64GA006 32MX460F512L 30f3010 30f5016 33fJ128GP706 33fJ64MC508 33fj128GP804 33fj128MC804
24fJ64GA008 32MX775F256L 30f3011 30f6010 33fJ128GP708 33fJ64MC510 33fj32GP302 33fj32MC302
24fJ64GA010 32MX775F256L 30f3012 30f6011 33fJ128GP710 33fJ64MC706 33fj32GP304 33fj32MC304
24fJ96GA006 32MX795F512L 30f3013 30f6012 33fJ256GP506 33fJ64MC710 33fj64GP202 33fj64MC202
24fJ96GA008 32MX320 30f3014 30f6013 33fJ256GP510 33fJ128MC506 33fj64GP204 33fj64MC204
24fJ96GA010 32MX340 30f4011 30f6014 33fJ256GP710 33fJ128MC510 33fj64GP802 33fj64MC802
24fJ16GA002 30f4012 30f6015 33fJ64GP206 33fJ128MC706 33fj64GP804 33fj64MC804
24fJ32GA002 30f4013 33fJ64GP306 33fJ128MC708
24fJ48GA002 33fJ64GP310 33fJ128MC710
24fJ64GA002 33fJ64GP706
24fJ16GA004 33fJ64GP708
24fJ32GA002 33fJ64GP710
Newly added chip 
64MC204, 128MC204, 128GP202, 32MC202, 32MC204, 16MC304 , 33FJ256GP710A
* PIC 32F
SPI function not suported yet;
* Compiler known and fixed bugs 
* Check your compiler installation and version 
at the matlab prompt ==> !pic30-gcc -v for pic30 and !pic32-gcc -v for pic32.
**Check pic32 compiler v 1.04 Workaround
**Check pic30 compiler PWM 2 Workaround from version v 3.12 to current version (3.25)...

Instruction Cycle Frequency

Time Step reference is Timer 1. Timer 1 prescaler and PR1 register are configured so as to meet the time step set in Simulink. When Timer 1 reach PR1, it is reset and a next step is started.
Time Step reference is the ADC peripheral. ADC conversion are slowed down so as to meet the time step requirement set in Simulink. On this example, Three channels are converted ; Two sample are read at each step (i.e. the three ADC blocks output are vectors of 2 elements each).
Time Step in Free Run mode. The model is executed as fast as it can. The time step set in Simulink is not respected.

Specify or shows the number of Instruction Per Secondes (MIPS) executed (in million here). Configuratoin of UART baud, timers prescaler and the real-timetime step rely on this frequency information.

For 30f family microcontroller
You must compute yourself the Instruction Per Seconds using :

[math] IPS = \frac{FreqQuartz}{4} * PLL_{factor}[/math]

With FreqQuartz the frequency of the source (Quartz or internal oscillator, External Clock ...) and with PLL factor set to 1 when PLL multiplication is not used.
For 24, 33 and 32 microcontroller
The Instruction Per Seconds is automatically computed using the Quartz frequency provided. If you activate the PLL multiplication, you have to enter the Desired Instruction Cycle Frequency (24f,32f and 33f dialog box only).
From the entered Desired Instruction Cycle Frequency, the toolbox compute the best PLL multiplication which provides the Instruction Cycle Frequency the closest to the Desired one.

Config Timer

Set the prescaler for the timer 2,3 and 4,5 when available in the microcontrôller. Theses times are used by certain periphery like Output Compare, Input Capture. Set -1 for the timer prescaler to be set by matlab using optimal criterion.

Forcing a prescaler for one timer can be done by replacing -1 with your prescaler value. You must beware that when one peripheral use a timer, the timer value must not be changed as this would cause peripheral failure. Setting two timers with the same prescaler will insure that the second one will not be used by any peripheral. You will then be able to modify this timer value without affecting peripheral.

32 bits timer cannot be configured.

Busy Flag Port

Set the port specified to 1 during the time step calculation and 0 during idle time. This allow to check that all calculation are finished in less that one time step.

Overload Flag Port

Set the port specified to 1 during one time step if the previous time step was not finished when starting the execution of current time step.

config Oscillator mode

Sepecify PIC Oscillator configuration.

config Born Out Reset

Specify Voltage under which the microcontrôller Reset.

config Power Time

Specify time for the pic to start onced powered. (Lets time for alimentation tension to settle properly before starting instructions execution).

config MCLR

If disable, MCLR pin has not the hardware reset function on programme execution. When enable, Pic stop execution and reset when MCLR pin is in its low state.

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