Matlab-Simulink device driver Blockset for Microchip dsPIC / PIC24 / PIC32 Microcontrollers.

DsPIC Block/Digital Output Write

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Block Digital Output Write

The "Digtal Output write" block write the logical value to the microcontroller pin.

Dialog Box

Digital Output WriteDialog


  • Port used


  • Pin used, start at 0 and is defined in vector form.

Block Ordering Input / Output

Create one input and/or output port on simulink. This port is just used to set the order of execution between severals blocks. You want for example inside one time step set a pin to its high value and to its low value just after (create a glitch). You will used two blocks digital output, but they should be activated in a certain order. Connecting with the ordering Input/Output port the first block to the second one (temporaly speaking) will define the execution order.

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