Matlab-Simulink device driver Blockset for Microchip dsPIC / PIC24 / PIC32 Microcontrollers.


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dsPIC Blockset

Animation & film explaining blockset usage

Examples and personal projects using the blockset

Automatics and Signal Processing projects

Technical demo

3 examples on data communication/transmission

Flex Board Kit (from Evidence)

Microchip Kits


comming next : MicroStick, PIC32 USB Starter Kit

Old example

Examples from forum

Projects using this blockset


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Scientific Articles using (or related to) the blockset

  • Ghassoul, M. (14 July 2011) "Design of a fuzzy system to control a small electric train using the microchip PIC32 with the aid of MATLAB blocksets", IEEE Computer Science and Automation Engineering (CSAE), 2011 IEEE International Conference on. Shanghai. Vol 3 pp.242-246 doi:10.1109/CSAE.2011.5952673
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