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DsPIC Block/SPI Configuration

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Block SPI Configuration

The configuration block set the SPI parameters.

Dialog Box Parameters

SPI Configuration Dialog

n° SPI

SPI used


Master or Slave : define who is driving the clock signal


Choose the speed of the transmission. The resulting speed is showed in Status

SDO Enable

Send data from the microcontroller. If checked, a input entry will appear on the block to connect data to be send.

Data length

Select between 8 or 16 bits. It is the same length for input or output of the block.

Slave Select Pin Enable

When checked, The bus will be activated only rise time of Slave Select Pin. The output will be high impedence during fall time of Slave Select Pin.

Sample phase

Choose the place where the sampling take place when reading data (middle or end of bit)

Clock Active State

Choose the active state of the clock

Output change on transition

Choose where update take place when writng data.


Provides information like bit rate and status

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