Blockset described on this wiki is deprecated since 2012.

For Model Based Design (MBD), use the free MPLAB Device Blocks for Simulink, tool from Microchip.
Updated Rapid Control Prototyping (RCP) custom projects are published at:

DsPIC Block/Ports Info

From - Simulink device driver Blockset for dsPIC / PIC24 / PIC32 Microcontrollers --[[User:LubinKerhuel|LubinKerhuel]] 12:40, 3 September 2009 (UTC)
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Block Ports Info

This block only provide inforamtion. It does not affect the simulation nor the generated code.

It list all dsPIC/PIC Pins used and provide information about which peripheral are using theses pins. Opening the block only update its contents which is also printed in the workspace.