uartrx and uarttx configuration blocks

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uartrx and uarttx configuration blocks

Post by dan » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:06 pm

Hey guys,

I'm trying to send a constant value through serial connection using a instrument control toolbox library from simulink as you can see in the files attached. The problem is when I get back this signal through the receive serial block, it is different from the signal I sent. I actually don't know whether I'm doing some wrong settings in the dspic blocksets. But when I set up the blocking function of the uartRx block, the signal comes properly as it would be. But if unset it, the signal comes totally different. And even though if I still keep the blocking function of the block when I do any operation with this signal, for example multiplying it by 2, the signal comes through serial receive totally wrong.
If someone has ever dealt with this, I would appreciate any help.
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