PWM simultaneous switching problem

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PWM simultaneous switching problem

Post by welf » Wed Feb 13, 2013 5:34 pm

I previously had no problem running the motor PWM block in "2 quadrant" mode, i.e. PWM only of the high side switches. I would now like to operate in "4 quadrant" mode, with simultaneous PWM of both the high and low side switches (but not using complementary switching).

I cannot find a way to enable both high and low switches for PWM without having complementary output enabled (which I do not want).

I know that this is possible because if I manually edit the following line in the code it works fine:

#define config2 (0xffff & PWM1_PEN1L & PWM1_MOD1_IND & PWM1_PDIS1H & PWM1_PEN2L & PWM1_MOD2_IND & PWM1_PDIS2H & PWM1_PEN3L & PWM1_MOD3_IND & PWM1_PDIS3H)

Removing the PWM1_PDISxH parts allows me to achieve what I want.

Is this a bug?

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