C-function block can't inherit input vector dimensions

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C-function block can't inherit input vector dimensions

Post by bmairs » Tue Sep 14, 2010 12:03 am

I'm trying to pass the output of the xPC blockset Pack block into the C-function call block. The Pack block doesn't allow inheriting of its output signal dimensions and the C-function call block seems to require its dimensions to be specified. I've tried using -1 as the input vector size, but then the generated code passes a single integer (seemingly randomly generated) to that function when it's called.

I'd like to do this:

Pack Block -> C-Function call
(pack block outputs unspecified signal whose dimensions are determined when compiled) (the C-function call uses the dimension size passes by the input vector)

In my specific example I have a 28 element vector coming out of the Pack Block. When I pass that to the C-Function call which has -1 specified for the input dimension size the generated function call looks like this: "uart2EnqueueActuatorData(((uint8_T)37U));". It's not only passing it just one element when it should be 28, it seemingly made up some constant to actually pass the function. Very odd.

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