'InitFcn' callback of Master block

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'InitFcn' callback of Master block

Post by afr » Mon Mar 25, 2013 7:21 pm


I'm trying to get the dsblock set running.

After I installed it, I tried to build the LED example http://www.kerhuel.eu/wiki/Getting_Star ... ebot_32MX4

I got an error saying " Error evaluating 'InitFcn' callback of Master block (mask) 'LED1/Master"
I should mention I tried to build it in matlab r2009b, and r2012a. In this last one I got an extra error about "Invalid MEX-file"
See attached below a print screen of the error I get when I try to double click the Master block

Please give me some advice on how I should make it error free.

Thank you

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