CAN compunication Error

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CAN compunication Error

Post by hahnmanje » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:26 pm

Hello, I am Mr. Hahn, Man Je. I works for mophience, ILS(Instrument Landing System for aircraft) manufacturer in Korea, Republic of. I am interested in dsPIC blockset for Simulink very much.
A few days before, I downloaded and installed the dsPIC blockset from the website. I currently use 2008b(original version). I am in charge of the design of Monitor for ILS. The monitor design is very important because we can deal with and check radio modulation signals propagated from ILS without actual flight test. We can save money for the system. We are interested in employing dsPIC33f256GP710A. It has two CANs. I simulated the system with SIMULINK prior to actual design. I found some wrong error messages from SIMULINK when I used 2008b version of your dsPIC blocks, the CAN Configuration block said “No CAN”, then I confirmed the setup of the device list. I had chosen the device “dsPIC33f256GP710A” correctly. I think it is a kind of “BUG”. Could you tell me how to solve this problem, please let me know?
One more, I think the Simulink Block you developed is very useful. I have a plan to generate C code from Simulink with your tool. If any error message will occur, may I ask your help and could you give me your suggestion to solve those problems? Definitely I need your help to complete my design projects.
Best regards.

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