Getting PWM generation of wrong frequency

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Getting PWM generation of wrong frequency

Post by kanchibhotla14 » Tue Apr 03, 2012 7:44 pm

Hello Sir,
I want to generate the SPWM and simple PWM to GPIOs ... SPWM of fundamental frequency 50Hz and Switching frequency 5kHz .....but when we build and run the program i am getting the switching frequency is of around 63Hz and fundamental frequency 2Hz ....simple PWM is of least frequency...
Ts = 2e-6 and Fixed step size is of 2e-6 (in solver) and MIPS 20e6 (in master).....even the fixed step size (in solver) is every time is resetting to 0.01..... I am attaching the simulation file...can you check and please tell me how to get the my required pwm frequency and spwm....even i tried with rate transition box but no use...
Sample PWM Generator
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