PIC18f4620 with mcc18 Fsfprintf Error SD card

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PIC18f4620 with mcc18 Fsfprintf Error SD card

Post by yiwen89 » Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:07 am


I am facing an error in my program code.

Error - could not find definition of symbol 'FSfprintf' in file './testingtesting.o'.

I am wondering why i cant get through this error. I am able to use Fsfwrite and Fsfopenpgm. I get to create a file text in the SD card and I get to write "harlooo" inside the file text. But, when I want to use Fsfprintf command, it fails me. Anyone here could help?And I am thinking to outsource my project. All you need to do with my project is just log the data from an accelerometer into the SD card. I am using C language with mcc18 compiler.

p/s:1)I already enable the Fsfprintf in FSconfig.h.
2) I enable the integer promotion in the Build Options.

3) I added SECTION NAME=dataBuffer RAM=buffer1 into my linker scripts.
4) I added SECTION NAME=_SRAM_ALLOC_HEAP RAM=gpr11 into my linker script too but I am not sure whether i got add wrong for this section as I modify it from a book.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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