ADC: some problems (revisited)

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Bernard Leak
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ADC: some problems (revisited)

Post by Bernard Leak » Fri Aug 15, 2008 5:18 pm

A previous post of mine seems to have vanished! In any case, it was out-of-date.
My company (add2) paid on 1st May for an unlimited version of the dsPIC block-set.
The current release notes suggest that changes to the ADC Input block have removed
several problems I had seen. I'm eager to try it .. but how do I actually get updated
versions of the unlimited block-set?

In brief, my problems were...
(a) The restriction to ADC1 (this may still be there, and is not good for my employer)
(b) ADC1BUF1 ADC1BUF2 ... were being used in the generated code, but only
ADC1BUF0 was declared in the Microchip header file. This seems to have been repaired
in V0.98b.
(c) The list of analogue pins available to the ADC was wrong (and generated
strange errors). Specifically, AN22 and AN23 seem to have been
given as AN32 and AN33 in the list (for dsPIC33FJ128GP710, as it
happens). This seems to have been repaired in V0.98d.

... and thanks for giving us time offsets as well as rates in V0.95b!


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Re: ADC: some problems (revisited)

Post by LubinKerhuel » Sat Aug 16, 2008 8:53 am

hi Bernard,

I send update on the blockset on simple mail request. (until I find a way to send to everybody the update at once !)

I am currently on vacation until 1st of september, I will see if I can send you an update earlier.


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