Configuring in a sub-system

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Bernard Leak
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Configuring in a sub-system

Post by Bernard Leak » Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:50 pm

I want to use a fixed configuration hidden from ordinary users,
so hiding it inside a masked sub-system makes sense. However,
the resulting <model>_main.c tries to include the generated
headers from the sub-system, as
<model>/<subsystem name>.h and <model>/<subsystem name>_private.h
instead of
<model>.h and <model>_private.h
as expected (and as actually generated).

At present only the Compiler Configuration and Master blocks
are hidden in this way: I think it is the Master block which is
causing trouble. The other generated files do not have the problem.

for my model is "ALT_WINDOW_SIM/Target Board Setup"
and presumably gives the same result everywhere in the model.
The string _private.h is only present in the *.tlc files as a suffix to
%<MyModelName>, which in turn is always defined as
It seems to me that the definition of MyModelName is an attempt
to second-guess just what RTW actually generates, and in this
case gets it wrong, unless the Master block is in the root of the

There is an obvious work-around - just keep the Master block
in the root of the model - but is there any chance of changing
this behaviour? The comments associate with the definition of
MyModelName suggests that this is really a rather hard problem!

Bernard Leak.

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Re: Configuring in a sub-system

Post by LubinKerhuel » Wed Sep 03, 2008 11:04 pm

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for the bug report. It is corrected.

The correction will be available in the next release (current release is 0.98fc)


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