sample time

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sample time

Postby dorijan » Wed Jan 27, 2010 3:07 pm

Hi to all...

I would like to make some kind of SCADA for this project for my final work at university, and I was thinking about mysql+php+apache...
But for one thing I am not sure of, and that is can I get a reading of 1000 samples of 1 ms sample time?
If I am calculating ok, at 115200, I can get 14400 bytes/sec, and it if I got one variable of uint32 it is 5 bytes, and that is 2880 samples per second?
is this ok to expect?

Also, what is the buffer size? when do I start receiving data?

I also saw that there is a possibility to send one signal to cpu, so how does this sending data to process interfere with receiving of data?

In manual there is a mention that there is a special protocol used for sending multiplexed data...Is there a example how this protocol work?
thank to everyone...

p.s. I was thinking about writing this with GPL...

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