Installation failure on matlab 6.5


Installation failure on matlab 6.5

Postby Pick » Tue May 27, 2008 7:13 pm


I've tryed to install the dsPIC toolboxe :

Code: Select all

>> install_dsPIC_R2006a
  Reading the archiv
  Checksum test passed (12C36605504AC)
  RTWdsPIC version none
  RTWdsPIC time stamp 21-May-2008 21:14:35
  Importing the archiv 100% |******************************|
  Toolbox folder is C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\MPLAB
  Make directory C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\MPLAB\blocks
  Make directory C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\MPLAB\dspic
  Make directory C:\MATLAB6p5\toolbox\MPLAB\examples
    during installation
Undefined function or variable 'savepath'.
No error in the installation I/O process.
   errorcode is 97.7

I used all versions of install_dsPIC_R200x.x, its's the same result. I use matlab 6.5.

What could be the problem ?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Installation failure on matlab 6.5

Postby LubinKerhuel » Tue May 27, 2008 8:56 pm

Hi Pick,

The blockset support matlab, starting from version 2006a, i.e. Matlab V7.2 (january 2006)
It is not gonna to work on earlier matlab version.


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