Blockset as sub-system of larger system

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Blockset as sub-system of larger system

Postby welf » Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:09 pm


As described by email, I would like to use this blockset to code a brushless motor driver in Simulink, I would then like to compile the Simulink to dsPIC to run the real motor and also use the Simulink motor driver with a Simulink model of the motor. I therefore have some questions about how the blockset can be used in this way:

1) When the blockset is run as a model in Simulink are the timings of all blocks exactly the same as when run on the chip?
2) Is it possible to get access to the PWM signals produced by the "PWM Motor Output" block, or would I have to simulate those myself based on the input to it?


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