continuous time ERROR!

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continuous time ERROR!

Post by alex » Tue May 03, 2011 1:34 pm

i am trying to use DSpic works space with simulink.
i get the problem when i try to use absolute time and continius time at the same time.
i want to use a simple block "clock" ( continius time) and dspic real time simulation at (absolute time).

when i got the first error ----> '--> Block 'master/Clock' uses continuous time, which is not supported with the current configuration. Consider selecting the support 'continuous time' ERT option "
after that i choose " continuous time " supprot and remove "supress error status...." at "Interface" menu.
this step help a little but now i get another error
Error using ==> genMakefileAndBuild at 1070
Error(s) encountered while building model "master".
before i put the block "clock" , everything was great and it worked.

how can i solve this problem ?


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