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input capture

Postby nikky » Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:32 am

:D hi lubin and everyone,
im trying to use input capture to capture digital input from sonar module. this sonar module is executed once it receives pulse/ping from external microcontroller. I'll be using dsPIC30F4013 for the microcontroller. what i need to do is to send pulse/ping to the sonar module and receive its echo back and time the journey. the echo signal will be in transistor transistor logic type-signal. i have a few confusions when i want to start doing this. i hope you can help me. i have few questions hoping you can answer me.

1. i wonder how many input channel should i specify in the properties? can timing be done using 1 input channel? which means i'll be receiving input using 1 channel from input capture module and send out output using another route. is it possible?

2. or should i specify 2 input channel but then still send out my pulse from another route let say pulse generator?

3. whats the actual output of this block? is it the timing between signal out and signal in? and if it is, can you suggest me how to process it?

4. or, is it the up, rise and period? like a square wave and is it possible to send those signal parameters straight to the output compare module? because from the look of the block it seems like that.

5. and lastly what can i do with the change detected on property?

i hope you or anyone can help me on this. im sorry if i sound very not clever in this. im a newb. :)


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